meleanna: it's green (Default)
2009-06-03 04:28 pm

Welcome to Me

Mostly, this blog is for stories.

Some of them I hope to be funny, or thought provoking - and of course worth reading.

Some of them I expect to be really awful.

But when the voices start sometimes there is nothing for it but to let them talk, ya know?

The good news is I tend to write in 3 -5 page increments.

The bad news is that can be a lot of entries during Nanowrimo.

But you are up for it, aren't ya?

mac: who are you talking to, Mele?

me: my readers.

mac: [looking around] um...what readers?

me: the ones I pretend are out there and care about what I write.

mac: ahhhhhhhh. [nodding wisely]