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Hello author!

This is my first year doing this exchange, and I'm really looking forward to what you're working on for me!

General likes:

I like character-driven fic, even at the expense of plot. You wanna write a character study of a character or characters you really like, even if not much happens? Awesome. This isn't to say I don't like plot, but don't feel like you have to tell some big story. I like the little moments too.

I'm a huge fan of female characters, and relationships between female characters. Not necessarily romantic relationships, though I love those too.

I love strong friendships between characters, and seeing ties between characters that are every bit as strong as a romantic bond.

General dislikes:

Sex being the main focus. I don't mind sex scenes, I just don't want them to be the main focus of a fic. I prefer sex to be consensual at all times.

I dislike gore and shock horror. Violence is okay. Scary stuff is okay. I just don't want graphic descriptions of guts spilling all over or stuff like that. And please, please, please stay away from eye trauma.

So, on to my actual requests and ideas & such for them!

Indexing - Seanan Mcguire
Character Requested - Sloan Winters
Trick or Treat

Sloan is hands down my favorite character in this series, mostly because she doesn't want to be a villain, but she also doesn't want to be precisely good either. She wants to be normal, and that's essentially the thing she never can be. And while that's the tragedy of her character, she's also not hung up on it, which I find refreshing. So I don't really want fic that has her bemoaning her lot in life. Things I do want (These can all be considered ORs):
Sloan being awesome and badass
Sloan's past, any time in between what we've seen in the novels.
(For Trick fic) Sloan's time at Childe Prison
Sloan dealing with any of her previous team leaders. Treat fic if it went well, trick fic if it didn't ;)

Valor Series - Tanya Huff
Character requested di'Cikyes Alamber
I hated Alamber when he first appeared in Truth of Valor, but he's really grown on me. I love the vulnerability under his arrogance, and how he so needs to be needed. Because I'm only requesting treat fic for this, I'd really love something that focuses on Alamber after he's joined Torin's crew. Maybe just a small moment in between the stuff we see in the books with him adjusting to the rest of the team. I would also be interested in seeing his young life, perhaps before he got abandoned on Big Bill's station.

Characters Requested - Any
Trick or Treat

I love the lore of Exalted. I love how big and expansive the world is, and I love how *real* it feels, even though there are these characters who can punch mountains. I'm not really requesting any specific characters, because I honestly have no preference who the story is about. I just want to see more of Creation and it's people.
For treat fic - Solars actually doing a good job at ruling
A Lunar and Solar pair finding each other in their new incarnations (and it going well)
An arraigned Dragon Blood marriage where they come to at least really respect and like each other, even if they aren't in love.
For trick fic - I don't have specific prompts, but I do love stories where characters mean well, but are misguided/undercut in their efforts and just manage to make things worse.
I'd also love to see something involving the Great Curse activating and the fallout from that.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Characters Requested - Glory
Trick or Treat

When I first played through this game, I missed Glory's backstory entirely. And then when I read/played through it on my second play through, I really found it compelling. She's a character who's been through a lot and made a lot of mistakes, but I like that she at least someone owns them, and a lot of what she's done is trying to escape and atone. I'd love to see stories from her past - trick fic about her getting her cyberware and how it burns away her humanity, but keeps everyone safe from what she could become would be awesome. Or anything from back when she was a mage.
For treat fic, well, I'm a sucker for happy endings. I'd love to see her find some sort of home, some sort of acceptance post-game.

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